How we have been wronged!!!!!!!

A thought that has been intriguing us since the last couple of weeks on how we as the consumers /society at large have been wronged over the years by different products available in the market, related to our health & wellness and how conveniently our perceptions have been developed towards the wrong outcomes in the long run by baiting us with short term results.

It all started when we started receiving feedback on one our products Chyavan Danta after a week of its launch. The responses were very encouraging since practically all our clients commented on the product being very good and effective against toothache and sensitivity. What gave us more confidence was the mention of how an Ayurvedic product could deliver immediate/instant results given the past perception of them being slow to deliver results. A few of them though commented that the taste could be enhanced by making it “minty” in flavour.

We did respond on both the parameters i.e., taste and flavour to our clients explaining them that we at Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha deliver 100% natural products and ensure that we do not add any artificial flavours and ingredients at any stage of the production. This could undermine the performance of the herbs against toothaches, sensitivity or other teeth and Gum ailments. The taste & flavour is as raw and natural as that of the natural ingredients themselves.

On pondering more, we realized that the expectation of our customers for the product to be “minty” is majorly driven from their past experience and the hype around “mint is fresh”. Most of the dental care products and toothpastes available in the market come with the mint flavour. Most of these products contain menthol. It triggers sense receptors in your mouth and on your skin that respond to cold temperatures, producing a chilling, slightly numbing sensation, a chemical simulacrum of coolness. It does not actually contribute to dental care or fight against toothache but acts a flavouring agent since most other elements used for true dental care viz. Fluoride, tetra sodium pyrophosphate and many others, have a displeasing taste. ( The National Health Portal beautifully terms mouthwashes that leave a pleasant taste as “Cosmetic mouthwashes” (

The flip side to the use of menthol is that the bacteria are believed to “flourish” in cooler temperatures. Hence, we advise using warm salty water for rinsing the mouth after using any cleanser (Chyavan Danta or otherwise) for best results. Having said this, we are more than happy to work on the feedback and will try our best to improve the taste of the Danta and make it the best tasting “toothache fighter”.

This blog is one of many to come on the series we like to call “How we have been wronged”. This is an effort to bring awareness amongst all; our existing clients, our to be clients and consumers who would still take some time to join our family and take the first step towards their Wellness journey.