Lung Health.....The need of the hour!!!!!

Happy Diwali!!!! Hope everyone had a Happy Diwali :) 

The debate that now seems as age old as Diwali itself is whether Diwali causes pollution, enough for it to be banned? Every year, people from some quarters demand a ban, some governments comply, some do not.

Let us try and answer a few questions to bring in more clarity. Firstly, is there a spike in pollution levels during Diwali? There surely is. Are these pollutants dangerous? They are a combination of the most dangerous PM2.5 (particles <2.5 microns in diameter) and also some toxins that feature in “toxic and hazardous” list as published by Central Pollution Control Board ( How harmful are these “toxic and hazardous” compounds? They do stay in the air for a couple of days after being produced. The change in weather with the onset of winters causes these pollutants to “float” longer in the atmosphere. These pollutants adversely affect people who suffer from any breathing difficulty (asthma, chronic pulmonary disorders or respiratory issues).  This has only been compounded by COVID wherein the patients are far more prone to complications.

Having answered these questions, let us talk about Asthma, the most prevalent breathing disorder  affecting the health of lungs to bring in more perspective to this issue. As per a WHO study conducted in 2016, more 235 mn people are affected by Asthma worldwide and just below 10% of this number in India alone. Is this because of the pollution caused during the 3-5 days of celebration during Diwali? Definitely not. There are a whole host of other reasons that lead to Asthma (and other respiratory disorders). One of the more “old” reasons is the use of biomass (or the traditional chulhas). Over the past years, this has been reducing but still, in some semi-urban and rural parts of the country, this continues to be a leading cause. Secondly, the pollution caused by industries (some more than others) and vehicles throughout the year is one the biggest reasons for many respiratory disorders across the country resulting in breathing difficulty. Third, with rapid urbanization, most cities have construction sites spawning across the busy streets to the outskirts. Fine sand and cement particles are released in the air. These linger on for a long time and are inhaled by many a residents in the surrounding areas affecting the health of lungs. Lastly, burning of farm stubble in the states dependent on agriculture and the smoke produced thereof, continues to be a seasonal addition to steady levels of pollutions.

Is there a way to be safe from the pollution and avoid breathing difficulty? There are many doctors and institutions suggesting various methods to avoid ill-respiratory health and improve lung health. The suggestions range from staying indoors with the AC on to having healthy food and lots of water to wearing a mask at all times to having emergency medications and equipment ready for use in case of any complications or health issues. (

Ministry of Ayush also suggests certain Unani formulations not only for improving health of lungs but building in overall immune system in the body (

We have also tried our bit towards overall lung health and immunity. Chyavan Shwas helps build lung immunity. It is also very effective against chronic respiratory ailments like Asthma (with continuous usage for 3 months, one will not need an inhaler ever again). In addition, we are very happy to have tied up with Inzpera, a subsidiary of Tata Industries, to provide a “Lung Health Kit”. This kit contains face masks to keep the pollutants away and Chyavan Shwas to continually be “your best friend for healthy lungs”.

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